IT service providers are the worst

I started Blue Arc back in 2004 because I saw lots of other IT support companies treating the customers poorly and leaving them very frustrated and unable to do their work. Quite often they wouldn’t even return phone calls promptly and that was on top of charging too much!

I figured I could do a better job than a lot of others, at a better price, and I was right. Our performance stats prove it.

Providing great IT support is not actually that hard; you just have to do what you say you are going to do and actually care about your customers. Treat them like you would like to be treated. Simple.

That's my promise to you, because we understand the affects that having an IT issue has on your business. You need it fixed and back to normal as soon as possible so you can continue running smoothly.

We have the ability to respond to your requests quickly – we aim to answer the phone within five seconds and as part of our managed service agreement we can be online and looking at your IT issue within 10 seconds. If we need to visit you then you can expect us to be with you, at your business, within 20 minutes (or up to two hours for non-critical issues).

We understand that you can see changing IT providers as a risk. That's why we offer a free consultation to look at the areas where we can improve your IT. Then, take advantage of our free, one month trial, where we guarantee we will fix all those annoying and nagging IT issues you've been putting up with – no obligations, no trickery, just let us prove that we’re the best IT service in Canberra.


Overall Satisfaction

Our Stats

Whenever we complete a job for a client we send them a short, six question survey so we can track how well we’re doing and ensure we keep providing awesome service.

Avg 4.70


Avg 4.67


Avg 4.78


Avg 4.83


Avg 4.88


The great news for you is that if you become a client of ours then you will be looked after by an IT company that is ahead of the average satisfaction score in every category. And that’s not just compared to Canberra IT providers - that's compared to all IT service providers worldwide who are using the same satisfaction system. Want the best IT service in Canberra? Get in touch.

Graeme Thornton

Founder Blue Arc IT Solutions